Supporting the National Hospice Foundation through your life insurance policy is easy and costs you nothing during your lifetime.

Life Insurance no longer needed for your family’s protection can be used to provide a generous future gift to the National Hospice Foundation (NHF) as a future beneficiary.

How to Name National Hospice Foundation as a Beneficiary of Your Life Insurance

Option 1: Give your policy to the National Hospice Foundation.*

The National Hospice Foundation will either cash in your policy and use the proceeds, or maintain the policy until it ends and then receive its face amount.

Option 2: Designate the National Hospice Foundation* as a beneficiary of your policy.

When your policy ends, the National Hospice Foundation will receive some or all of your policy’s death benefit, as you have designated.

If you are interested in supporting the National Hospice Foundation through your life insurance policy:

  1. Contact your life insurance administrator to request a beneficiary form.
  2. Indicate how much, or what percentage of the remaining fund should be designated to NHF.
  3. Return the form to your plan administrator.

Benefits to You

  1. Save taxes
  2. No change in your cash flow
  3. Gain the satisfaction of making a generous gift to the National Hospice Foundation

*The beneficiary form requires NHF’s legal name and address and tax ID number.

National Hospice Foundation
1731 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
NHF Tax ID #: 54-1586967
Designation – National Hospice Foundation

Please contact us with questions at  or call (877) 470-6472.

Information on this website is not intended as legal, tax or investment advice. All gift options should be discussed with your legal, tax and financial planning advisers.