The National Hospice Foundation (NHF) is pleased to continue its scholarship program to support professional development in the hospice and palliative care provider community. Continuing with the 2024 Annual Leadership Conference, NHPCO members are eligible for a scholarship award provided directly by NHF.

This scholarship program began in 2022 and is made possible by a generous contribution from Norman and Linda McRae. Since 2022, Norman and Linda have funded 45 individuals’ attendance to NHPCO Conferences.

Attending an NHPCO conference provides valuable opportunities for attendees to network with colleagues, develop their professional skill sets, and learn notable insights about person-centered care.

For in-person conferences, this scholarship provides financial aid to potential NHPCO conference participants who need financial assistance for conference attendance and related travel, with a particular focus on smaller programs and those providing hospice or palliative care for underserved communities. Scholarship recipients will be provided with complimentary conference registration and hotel accommodations, and funds up to $1,000 to cover the cost of air or train travel, ground transportation, non-conference meals, and incidentals related to conference attendance.

For virtual conferences, scholarship recipients will receive a complimentary conference registration.


To apply for an award, applicants must:

  • Be an NHPCO member
  • Be employed by programs unable to cover, or facing difficulty covering, the cost of the conference attendance and related travel and expenses


In reviewing applications, weight will be given to the following factors:

  • Smaller programs that are likely less able to financially support conference attendance
  • Programs working to increase access in traditionally underserved communities, that may include rural areas, urban areas, and communities of color
  • Providers that have very few or no participants already registered
  • Applicants who have not previously received the scholarship within the past 12 months


Applications will be reviewed by NHF and a designated selection committee in a timely manner after submission.


Scholarship recipients receive complimentary registration to an NHPCO Conference.

For in-person conferences, funds up to $1,000 will be awarded to cover travel incidentals (flights, ground transportation, meals, etc.) eligible for reimbursement by NHF. Scholarship recipients must provide copies of all receipts and related documents to receive reimbursement.


  • NHF will acknowledge scholarship recipients during the conference(s)
  • NHF will follow up with scholarship recipients following the conference(s) – recipients are required to provide an overview of their conference experience and give feedback
  • The scholarship recipient is responsible for collecting receipts and completing an accounting report.

Apply here for the 2024 Annual Leadership Conference scholarship Please note the deadline to apply is August 16, 2024. Applications will be reviewed in several waves – May 2024, June 2024, and mid-August 2024. Applicants will be notified of decisions before the end of August 2024.

Please contact info@nationalhospicefoundation.org with any specific questions you may have.