Together, the National Hospice Foundation (NHF) has made a difference to so many.  Dreams, big or small, can help individuals at the end of their lives improve the quality of their lives in ways medicine alone cannot.  The work of the NHF is to establish a world where everyone facing serious illness, death, and grief will experience the best that humankind can offer.

Margaret Edwards
Before Margaret Edwards died, she wished to have one last family reunion with every generation of her family.

Nancy Salisbury
Nancy Salisbury’s last wish was to visit her sons in New York with her husband. It was her son’s graduation and she longed to see him receive his diploma from his university.

Roger Hobson
It was a Hobson family tradition to vacation in cabins in the mountains. Vietnam veteran, Roger Hobson, dreamt of taking one last vacation to the cabins with his family.

Jessica Thompson
It was Jessica Thompson’s last wish to be able to provide her five children with the Christmas gifts that they asked for. Ms. Thompson had been living with cancer for two years and she understood that she had one holiday season left with her loved ones.

Lisa Brizendine
Intrepid Hospice patient, Lisa Brizendine always loved the mountains. Gatlinburg, Tennessee was her favorite vacation spot.

Wade Fleming
Wade Fleming was diagnosed with colon cancer and knew his time was short.

Teresa Lord
It was Ms. Lord’s deepest wish to be able to meet her first grandson, Peyton, and see her daughter who was entering her greatest journey: motherhood.

Marlene Upperman
Marlene Upperman suffered from a brain tumor, which would eventually cause her to lose her eyesight.

Richard Wolstenholm
Richard Wolstenholm always had a love for flying. He turned to flying planes in a time of sorrow, following his wife’s death.

Debbie Shans
Debbie Shan, a hospice patient under the care of Cross Timbers Hospice, is another incredible story of how the Lighthouse of Hope Fund brings families back together in times of illness. 

Peter Quimby
Peter Quimby was diagnosed with esophageal and liver cancer. With the weight of these illnesses, the thought of his favorite childhood places, Biddeford Pool, brought him great peace and relaxation.

April Hurst
April Hurst spent one night at the Wilderness of the Smokies.

Michael Bryant
Upon being diagnosed with terminal cancer, the stress from the prognosis left Michael Bryant with the desire for a week get-away with his wife.

Roger Kipperchuck 
Roger Kipperchuck grew up without family, a support system, and direction. As a child, he discovered his love for the rodeo and the quality of his life soared. By the end of his life, it was hospice that stepped in to help Roger. Roger’s hospice team even helped him rediscover his love for the rodeo.

Henry Davis Jr.
Henry Davis was recently married and at the end of his life. Mr. Davis wished to create memories and be surrounded by those he loved while receiving support from hospice. It was through the support of hospice that he was able to take his wife on a honeymoon, and reconnect with his children who he hadn’t seen in 15 years. In his last days, all Mr. Davis wished for was to be surrounded by those he loved and to create memories with them. 

Hollie Lawless
Hospice patient, Hollie Lawless, dreamt of having one last family vacation with her loved ones. She wanted to go to Disney World where she could experience time away from home, time with her family, and time spent where she was not focused on her illness. The Lighthouse of Hope Fund, and Circle of Life Hospice social worker Allison Wright, made this dream come true for the Ms. Lawless and her family. 

Doris Roger
Holiday feasts, holiday cheer, and birthday candles were the things that fulfilled Doris Rager’s last wish. Through the Lighthouse of Hope Fund, Ms. Rager was able to enjoy her final holiday season with her husband, with happiness that shined brighter than her Christmas lights. 

Mia Jordan
Hospice patient, Mia Jordan, dreamt of having one last day to relax, be pampered, and be distracted from her illness. The Lighthouse of Hope Fund made this dream come true by providing Ms. Jordan with a delightful spa day, where she was able to laugh, be at peace, and enjoy those around her.

Walter Stafford
Walter Stafford wanted to see his beloved Philadelphia Phillies play one more time. His hospice team and the Lighthouse of Hope Fund made it happen.

JoAnn Leszcynski
JoAnn Leszcynski spends time with her family while watching her favorite football team.

Richard Wolstenholm
Richard Wolstenholm’s hospice and the Lighthouse of Hope Fund, helped make his dream come true – to fly in the sky one more time.

Barabara Ceo
Barbara couldn’t have pets at the nursing home. Her hospice team and Lighthouse of Hope provided her with a trip to the local kitty café to visit and play with her favorite animals.