People living with life-limiting illnesses often have special wishes. They wish to speak with long-lost family members, revisit a favorite place or experience a simple dream such as a dinner out with a spouse.

The Lighthouse of Hope Fund seeks to meet these end-of-life requests. Our Lighthouse of Hope Fund offers children and adults with a life-limiting illness, such as cancer, heart failure, liver disease, end-stage renal disease and ALS the chance to take a break by allowing them to have their wishes and dreams come true. Such dreams – big or small, can help people with life-limiting illness improve the quality of their lives in ways medicine alone cannot. Watch this short video now to see some of the experiences granted by the Lighthouse of Hope Fund.

Your generous donation to the Lighthouse of Hope Fund serves a unique and vital role, enhancing the quality of life of hospice patients and their families so that their remaining time together can be meaningful and memorable.

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Lighthouse of Hope Fund Stories Read the stories of hospice patients who made lasting memories with loved ones thanks to the support of the National Hospice Foundation

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