Wade Fleming was diagnosed with colon cancer and knew his time was short. He had gone eight years without seeing his son Kyle, and it was his last wish to see him before he died. Through the Lighthouse of Hope Fund and Holy Rosary Hospice, flew from Louisville, Kentucky to Billings, Montana to see his father. His social worker wrote the following note to express their gratitude:

“On behalf of the Holy Rosary Hospice team, thank you for your generous donation. The grant money provided by the National Hospice Foundation Lighthouse of Hope Fund made it possible for our patient, Wade, to see his son for the first time in over eight years. When our team met Wade’s son, Kyle, Wade was beaming as he described how it felt to have, “My boy at home.”  Together they have been able to take a short trip to visit family, go out for dinner, and sit around the kitchen table for hours sharing stories. Kyle has provided a loving and supportive presence to both Wade and his wife, Angela. This trip has been an opportunity for Wade and Kyle to spend meaningful time together, make new memories, and then to say goodbye. Again, thank you for this experience. Your generosity has reminded us at Holy Rosary, what an honor it is to be a part of the precious work of hospice.

With Sincere Gratitude,
Nicki Haydal, MSW”