It was a Hobson family tradition to vacation in cabins in the mountains. Vietnam veteran, Roger Hobson, dreamt of taking one last vacation to the cabins with his family. He suffered from NSCLCA with brain metastases and he knew his time was limited. The Lighthouse of Hope fund and Arkansas hospice social worker Mitzi Henderson made it possible for Mr. Hobson’s last wish to come true. Here is a note from Mr. Hobson’s son:

“My wife and I have been going to RiverView Cabins and Canoes for ten years. It is our favorite place on Earth. We began taking Dad to the Cabins with us after Mom passed away six years ago. He immediately fell in love with the people and the place too.

When we found out that Dad’s cancer had returned in April, he mentioned that he would probably never get to go to the cabins again. We usually go sometime between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. It was such a blessing to be able to go to the cabins one more time as a family. The memories we were able to make are priceless. His granddaughters will remember this trip for the rest of their lives.

Dad had several “good” days in a row. We were able to drive over to the cabins on Friday. We love the drive over. We pass several places we fished at when I was a child. Dad spoke of so many stories of fun times over the years. On Saturday, we drove over to Mena for the day. We took a picnic to the top of Rich Mountain at Queen Wilhelmina State Park. His granddaughters even convinced him to ride the miniature train! It was a nice day to be outside, and we made the most of it! On Sunday, we went down to the creek and the river. We took lots of pictures and made many memories. In the evenings, we enjoyed time as a family. We ate great food, played cards, and dominos. Dad showed us up most of the time!

We truly appreciate Lighthouse of Hope for granting us this special time with Dad. We were able to get away from the troubles and worries for just a few days. We were able to make happy