Intrepid Hospice patient, Lisa Brizendine always loved the mountains. Gatlinburg, Tennessee was her favorite vacation spot. Thinking back on the times she had spent there always brought back happiness and fond memories of younger times. Ms. Brizendine dreamt of seeing Gatlinburg, one last time. And although she was primarily confined to her bed and had lost her ability to ambulate, her physical state didn’t hinder her dream of walking around the mountains. Through the help of Intrepid hospice social worker Stephen Grieco, and the Lighthouse of Hope Fund, Ms. Brizendine was provided with the services she needed to experience one last adventure at her favorite vacation spot with her closest friends and family members.

Message from Kevin Holt/Lisa Brizendine:

“I am writing this for Lisa Brizendine. My name is Kevin Holt, Power of Attorney for Lisa. We recently took a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, which is the one, or should I say one of, the places Lisa loves to visit most. She wanted to see and experience the Smokies and Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge one more time before her demise.

As we drove across the mountains seeing the beautiful colors of the leaves leaves and the awesome views from atop the beautiful mountains, I could tell that Lisa was enjoying herself by the expressions on her face. While in Cherokee, N.C. we saw a couple of different tribes of Native Americans, one of which performed a prayer and healing dance for her. She was overwhelmed with gratitude.

One of the main reasons for going to Gatlinburg was the attraction called Ober Gatlin. This was one of the few things Lisa wanted to experience just one more time. She had tears in her eyes as we started up the mountain and an expression of peace and tranquility overtook her near the top, what with the view we had of all the leaves’ colors and beautiful peaks and valleys.

She loved seeing people out having a good time as we rode up and down the parkway looking at Christmas lights.

In closing, I would like to thank you for your help in making this (the last of her bucket list) come true. I know if she could sy it, she would sing it, that she is forever grateful.

Thanks so much,
Kevin Holt