It was Jessica Thompson’s last wish to be able to provide her five children with the Christmas gifts that they asked for. Ms. Thompson had been living with cancer for two years and she understood that she had one holiday season left with her loved ones.

Through the help of Cross Timbers Hospice social worker, Jennifer Porterfield, and the Lighthouse of Hope Fund, Ms. Thompson was able to give her children the Christmas gifts that they desired and she was able to make lasting holiday memories with those she cared about most. To express her gratitude, she wrote:

“I just can’t express what it means to me to have help to provide my children with the Christmas presents that they are asking to have. Of course my older children know that I am Santa however my little ones do not and to be able to purchase their Santa request is so great for me as I have worried for weeks about what I would do. I have never had to ask for help for things like this as I have always been able to work and provide for my family. It makes me sad that I have to do this and hurts to know that this is the last Christmas I will see their face light up and beautiful smiles. I can never say enough to thank you all for your help and your kind heart to give in our time of sadness and worries.”