It was JoAnn Leszcynski’s dream to attend a Packers verses Viking’s Game with her partner, and her two adult children before she died. Through the help of her Essentia Health St. Mary’s Hospice social worker Jan Espot, the Lighthouse of Hope Fund gave Ms. Leszcynski the experience she had been dreaming of. Prior to the game, Ms. Leszcynski, her partner Jill Harnstrom, and her kids stayed at a hotel where they were pampered with a comfortable room with a beautiful view, and their own robes and slippers to get comfy as they relaxed.

Once they arrived at the US Bank Stadium for the game, they were excited to see both teams prepare for what turned out to be an incredible game. The family participated in the new Viking’s “Thunder Clap Chant” and watched in awe as Jordan Sparks sang the National Anthem beautifully and eloquently. The Vikings came out victorious over the Packers, making for the perfect evening for Ms. Leszcynski. As they watched the game, she held up a sign that said: “The Lighthouse of Hope Made our Wish Come True.” Through the National Hospice Foundation, wishes similar to Ms. Leszcyski’s, are coming true each day and are bringing joy to families who are experiencing the struggles at the end of life.