Doris Rager’s last wish was to have a nice holiday meal with her husband, and to celebrate Christmas and her birthday. Through the Lighthouse of Hope Fund, and Interim healthcare social worker, Malakeia Scott, Ms. Rager was able to have her dream dinner – which included cheesecake! Here is a note from her social worker who wrote to us regarding the dinner:

“Mrs. Rager has been bedbound for a number of years and her spouse was talking about how much they used to love going out and looking at Christmas lights. That’s where the idea was born for stringing Christmas lights in the house and having a special meal for them from a restaurant. They both chose Red Lobster. Christmas Day was the patient’s birthday so this dinner was combined a Christmas Dinner and Birthday celebration. Mrs. Rager ate a whole plate of seafood. She saved the cheese cake for her birthday. The best part for all of us was that Mrs. Rager became verbal that day. She spoke a lot and never does so that was very special.”