Debbie Shan, a hospice patient under the care of Cross Timbers Hospice, is another incredible story of how the Lighthouse of Hope Fund brings families back together in times of illness. Ms. Shans was diagnosed with acute and chronic respiratory failure and her last wish was to see her daughter and her family again. Their reunion brought a great peace to Ms. Shans. Her hospice social worker, Sarah Myers wrote a note in response to her patient’s family reunion:

“I want to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to your wonderful organization for providing the funds for Mandy and Phil’s trip to see our patient Debbie Shans. Your generousity made it possible for Mrs. Shans to see her daughter, Mandy, one last time. This closure seemed to bring a sense of peace to her, and she and her daughter enjoyed spending quality time with one another very much. Thank you for fulfilling Mrs. Shans’ last wish.”

Note from Billy Shans:

To Lighthouse of Hope,

We’re so thankful for your help with the money so our daughter Mandy and Phil could come and visit. My wife (Debra) who has COPD is very grateful. After we got the disagreements out of the way we had a very good visit. The time went by to fast as life is a fast moving pace. Over all we are so thankful to get the spent the time with Mandy and Phil. Our two grandkids that lives with us was really excited to see them. The money was really a blessing. So once again thanks and my the GOD of glory bless your works. In Jesus Name – Billy Shans