Note from Hospice caregiver, Jennifer Smith 

“April Hurst spent one night at the Wilderness of the Smokies.  This is a resort that has an indoor and outdoor waterpark.  When April was admitted to hospice, she said that one of her three most important things to her was swimming.  She grew up around a lake and has fond memories of swimming in the lake with her family. 

Because of April’s medical conditions, it is now unsafe for her to swim in a lake, but our staff still wanted to help grant her wish of swimming one more time.  With the help of National Hospice Foundation, we organized for April and her family to spend the night at the resort and spend two days at the water park.  When I visited her there she looked better than I have seen her in a while. She was so excited to be swimming with her family again.  April was even able to go down a slide.  This has created a memory not only for April but for her family to have forever.”